ZingliZh Upcoming Singing Classes

Upcoming CLASSES 2019

8 Week Back to Basics -Voice Singing Class

8 Thursday Evenings  6:45-9:00 $189.  Perfect for beginners but all levels welcome! More info here

Perfect for the first time student or forsomeone who wants to really work on their voice. Vocal anatomy, terminology, personalized exercises created just for you to take home and practice each week. Audio and video demos played. A fun way to learn more. It's like having private lessons but in a group setting. All styles and all levels welcome. Returning students from last semester get a free 1 hour private lesson! You can accompany yourself, or we can use recorded music.

We'll end the semester with a causal  pot luck at someone's home where we will share our songs and also have a group sing-a-long. Date decided by the class during our first meeting. REGISTER HERE

Thursday EVENING: 6:45-9:00 -- (2 seats left) 

  • Sept 5th-October 24th
  • Potluck Party and sharing songs Date TBA

Happy Birthday Jesus - Spiritual and Holiday songs

7 week class $149. Afternoon Class 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM-- (5 seats left) 

  • Wednesday October  30 - December 4th
  • Holiday Party Performance December TBA

6 month Songwriting Workshop $150

This workshop meets once a month over 6 months. Perhaps you play an instrument and would like to put some lyrics to some chords, or maybe you already have poems or lyrics and want to put them to music. Or maybe you are clueless about how to even begin to write a song but want to learn. Let's do this as a class with feedback from your fellow classmates. Includes help with melodies, harmonies, chords and song structure, vocal style and embellishments. Possibility available to record your original song in a recording studio.  Register here.

Once a month, to be decided by the group -- (6 seats left.) $150

  • NEXT SESSIONStarting in January 2020

8 Week Singing w/Guitar Class

8 or 9 Tuesday or Thursday Evenings  SINGING WITH GUITAR Beg/Int Performance Class 6:45-9:00 $189.  You may accompany yourself. Or Guitarist  Bruce Loring will accompany you. Group songs, duets, solos with backups. Americana Music: Folk, rock, blues, country .  Showcase will be a Dinner Party.

Returning students from last semester get a free 1 hour private lesson!  Register here.

 EVENING: 6:45-9:00 -- (8 seats left) 

  • February TBA
  • Dress Rehearsal  TBA 
  • Showcase Performance TBA

Musical Theatre Class

Coming  January 2020.  Evening  Class (most likely a Wednesday) 6:45-9:00  Musical Theatre Songs. Solos with backups, and group singing, staging, costuming, props. 14 class meetings spread out over 4 months.  More info: Register here.

 EVENING: 6:45-9:00 PM -- (12 seats left) 

  • January - April 
  •  SHOWCASE at Cherry Valley School

About The Classes

The singing classes are held in a private residence in Rohnert Park, CA. 

You will learn the differences between contemporary and classical singing. I will play you recorded snippets of songs and other demos, teach you basic anatomy, and we'll work on our voices as a group and individually on a volunteer basis. You will learn terminology and perhaps bust a few myths!  (Register here.)

I have a variety of classes, from voice lesson classes (more info) focused on just improving the voice, to live music performance based classes like singing with guitar or your own instrument with group songs or duets with harmonies, or singing with a live rock band at a local club. Or preforming costumed Musical Theatre (more info) staged show tunes to recorded orchestration. Maybe even a holiday themed class at Christmas time. Which classes are offered varies each season. (Register here.)

In all of my classes we do a lot of laughing along with learning! It seems very casual and go with the flow, but I do have a plan for each session. What will be taught is often determined by student questions and individual needs. You will be individually coached on whatever your challenges are at the time, and the exercises I give you for homework will be specifically created just for you.

I also offer workshop classes and sometimes will invite a guest teacher who is specialized in a certain area. Workshop classes have included topics such as Harmony, Songwriting, Rasp/Grit, How to Sight Read, and Opera. I am open to suggestions on what you'd like to learn more about.

I am a certified voice technician as well as a contemporary vocal coach. I teach based on how the body/vocal instrument works, dealing with the specific muscles you are using to sing. If you want to learn to sing with ease and expression but don't want to sound like a classical singer, if you want something different than just learning one way of proper placement or are tired of singing scales to a piano without hearing much improvement, I'd love to have you as a student. (Register here.)


Specialty classes are created by the interests of the students. Prerequisite: must have completed my beginner's class (or be a current student.) The dates will be selected when I have at least 4 students who are available on a given day. If any of these below are of interest to you let me know so I can set up a date. Pay by check or cash. I often bring in other teachers who specialize. If you have an idea for a class I'd love to hear it!

One Day Sight Singing Workshop $59

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sight read? Do you think you need perfect pitch or need to know the names of all those dots on the page? Not with this technique. You will be taught how to read between the note:  How far up or down is the pitch from the last one. This class will be taught by Anne Brenneis, an accomplish musician and choir leader from Marin County.

  • TBA  (8 seats available)

Introduction to Classical Technique & Opera Workshop $59

Am I a soprano? A tenor? What the heck does all that mean? And how is that singing different from other styles? Will this help increase my range? Come find out in this 2 hour introductory workshop. You will learn vocal coordination, jaw, tongue, breath support, larynx position, formants, resonance, for singing Opera correctly, and learn a few exercises and have a one-on-one personal assessment of your voice with an Opera Singer and Teacher from England. Have a song you are already familiar with.

  • Saturday  TBA 11:45 AM - 2 PM (8 seats available)

Two Hour Grit/Rasp Workshop $59

Ever wonder how to do those raspy or textured sounds you hear from professional contemporary singers?  All pros do it: rock, country, jazz, Musical Theatre,  and pop artists. It's one of the stylistic elements that will help you sound like a professional. Are they totally thrashing their voices? No, because they do it correctly and sustainably. 

There are several types of rasp sounds and most don't have anything to do with your vocal folds. Curious?  Come on and join us. You won't regret it. 

This workshop will feature a rasp specialist from England, Aliki Katriou. You don't want to miss this! 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM ( 3 seats available) Contact me to hold your seat.

  • Saturday July 13 

Introduction to Ear Training and Harmony Workshop $99

Basic Concepts for Singers. (5 seats left)

Do you know people who can "naturally" harmonize? Do you wish you could, but have no idea how to begin?  I'll teach you the basics so you can do it, too. Must already be able to match pitches easily. You'll learn how to hear the notes in a chord, improvise a melody line within a basic chord structure and then apply harmony to that melody. No sheet music. No sight reading of harmony lines. No counting notes up thirds. You will learn to do it by ear in the moment. Make it up as we go! 8 hours total class time split up into 2 class times.

 Saturday 3:00-7:30 PM (Two Saturdays) Bring a snack as we will break at 5:30 PM. Register here.

  • May 11th and May 18th 

 8 Week Singing w/a Live Rock Band Class (FILLED)

8 Saturday Afternoons. Plus one evening TBA. SINGING WITH A LIVE ROCK BAND Beg/Int Performance Class . Limited to 8 students. (CLASS FILLED)

6 payments of $50. Register Here.

By popular request, something NEW! Coming this Summer. You will learn a rock song or two and perform it at a local club with a live rock band! Classic hard rock from the 70 and 80s.  We'll give you a selection of songs to choose from. Learn how to sing with a mic, stage presence and rock singing vocal techniques.

Most rehearsals will be with recorded music in class as we work on vocals and stage presence. A couple of rehearsals will be with the band at their rehearsal space in Petaluma.  A rock vocals specialist from London the lead singer of a band, will be a guest vocal coach for one of the classes.

Singing voice lessons in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, near Cotati, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.