ZingliZh Singing Classes Information

Not sure which class to take? Select a class for more detailed information. (IN PROGRESS)

I have group classes for singers who just want to work on their voices, and I have performance classes for the lime light lovers. A perfect outlet for the non-professional who loves the stage!

My goal for my group classes is to create a community of like-minded contemporary singers who are supportive and will encourage each other, who love to share the gift of song, and who want to continue to grow as vocalists. All boats rise with the tide. 

For all levels wanting to learn how their voice works and how to improve.

Intermediate Performance Class for all levels, guitar accompaniment.

January through April - Musical Theatre.

Rasp workshop with a specialist joining us from London

Learn your voice type and what's different between Classical and Contemporary singing. Why classical lessons might not help with other styles.

On-line Open Mic Style vocal coaching class

Singing with a Live Rock Band

On-line Interactive Webinar with homework assignments.

Learn how to do harmony by ear

Singing voice lessons in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, near Cotati, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.