Enhance Your Songwriting - Lyrics and Melody $350 (or 3 payments $135) 

Self-Paced Course - 10 Weeks

For me, there is only one rule - "Does it enhance or detract from your message."

No rules, just tools. And this class will expand your tool box, no matter how many tools you already have or don't have. With every tool, there will  be practice lessons.

The class has a passwords protected website with video lectures, pages to read, homework assignments and fun, unusual lessons. Each submission will be personally reviewed by me with detailed feedback and the option of resubmitting a redo. I want to make sure you are understanding each step before you move on. We'll focus on new tools each week while reviewing what you have already learned.

Along with pre-recorded lectures, there will be live monthly Zoom workshops where you can share lyrics and play the songs you are working on, get professional feedback from me and ideas from your peers.

This class with teach you tools to:

  • Brainstorm ideas, get past roadblocks and create music that reflects your true intent.
  • Come up with a hook or a clear message for your chorus, refrain or title.
  • Watch out for "rookie moves" so your lyrics don't sound cliché.
  • Do a song outline that not only organizes the song, but builds your message and leads the listener.
  • Find more interesting words, metaphors, rearrange lines to express your ideas.
  • Make sure the words "land" correctly in the music and how lyrics fit together with a melody.
  • Build phrases into sections: verses, choruses, and bridges. Learn what each part does.
  • Create effective contrast between sections and enhance the emotional intent of your lyrics.
  • Learn when to use different types of rhymes, rhythms and line lengths.
  • Be able to hear the melodic and rhythmic patterns used in speak to create more meaningful melodies.
  • Find out who you are so you can write authentically "you" in any genre.

Two live workshops are included with enrollment. You may add more live workshops for $15 per workshop. Private 45 minute one-on-one songwriting and/or singing lessons are $47. In a private session, you can learn how to sing the lyrics more effectively, the nuances of dynamics, texture. emphasis, inflection, vocal style and embellishments.

Age Range - Adults / Skill Level -  Any level.

To enroll contact me so I can set you up with a payment plan and password.

Or Venmo me $350 to pay in full or $135 for firstpayment.

Videos snips from the class workshops