Private Singing Lessons / In Person or via Skype or Zoom

I am still offering  private lessons and classes via Zoom or Skype with no in person contact.

MARCH/APRIL SPECIAL $150 for 4 Full Hour Virtual Lessons

One-on-one private on-line lessons only, meaning we will do the lessons virtually via Skype or Zoom, not in person. All four lessons must be held four weeks in a row. Must be paid in advance. 1st lesson day and time may be booked via link.We'll set up the other 3 dates at your first lesson. Book on-line for discount

Private lessons take place in my home in my cozy music room, or on-line via Skype or Zoom.

Use the link to my booking page. Any discounts will be applied when appointment is accepted. I'll email you an invoice or you can pay at the lesson. First time bookings only are requited to pay a $20 deposit to hold the spot.*  Payment via Cash/Check preferred (or via CC/PayPal/Square)

I accept appointments from 12:45 PM to 9:30 PM based on availability. No lessons on Sundays. - Book on-line for $10 discount

  • $40 Mini Lesson 30 minutes
  • $45 Standard Lesson 45 minutes
  • $55 Full Hour Lesson  60 minutes
  • $35 Full Hour Discovery Lesson* -  1st time students only Book on-line for discount
  • $75 Professional Vocal Evaluation of a live performance video Contact me for more info.
  • Gift Certificates also available
  • Students taking any of my regular group classes receive a discounted rate of  $15 off an hour private lesson while they attending the class. (Must use the on-line booking system for discount.)

Private Singing Lessons: Book on-line. 

Book on-line. Pay in person.

48 hour (2 days)notice required to reschedule or a$20 cancellation fee is added. If you are late, we will not extend the lesson time.

$35 One Full Hour Discovery Lesson* -  1st time students only Book on-line

*Must be paid at time of booking. No refunds on cancellations.

Singing Lessons Held On-line

Shelter-in-Place? Need to sing?

I have a student who has voice lessons on her lunch break. People keep telling me they sing better in the car!

If you live out of the area, have a busy schedule, or a disability that keeps you from being able to come to my studio, this is perfect for you. No travel time or traffic. No need to find a babysitter. Maybe you can finally get your spouse to take lessons with you.

We use Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts, free software for your  smartphone, tablet, or a computer that allows us to see and hear each other on the screen. You can sing a capella, with backing tracks, or accompany yourself. You can use your own piano!

You must give a 48 hour (2 days)notice if you need to reschedule. Missed on-line lessons maybe charged a $20 cancellation fee.

Professional Vocal Evaluation

If you are an experienced singer and would like a vocal evaluation, provide me with a live video recording (or a link) and I will write up a detailed professional vocal evaluation for you: what is going well, and what you can do to improve based on what I see and hear.


  • Breath Support
  • Projection
  • Control of Larynx
  • Register shifts
  • Compression
  • Soft Pallet/Nasality
  • Filtering and Resonance
  • Tongue, Jaw, or Embouchure Cheating
  • Physical Body/Stage Presence
  • Soul/Interpretation
  • Musicianship/Style

Gift Certificates

Know someone who loves to sing? Give them a unique gift of a professional voice lesson!

Contact me for more information.