Private Singing Lessons In Person or via Zoom

(Common confusion: Booking the lesson and paying for it requires two separate steps. The calendar does not take your payment. It is only a booking system.)

Private lessons can take place at my home (outside with social distancing) or better yet, save the drive and have the lesson via Zoom. All on-line lessons get a $10 discount per lesson.

  • $40 Mini Lesson 30 minutes ($30 if done via Zoom)
  • $45 Standard Lesson 45 minutes ($35 if done via Zoom)
  • $55 Full Hour Lesson  60 minutes ($45 if done via Zoom)

48 hour (2 days)notice required to reschedule. If you are late or if you don't show up, you still pay for the full time as if you were there.

Zoom Package Specials for On-Line Lessons

$150 Weekly Special - 4 Full Hour Weekly (on-line) one lesson per week, must be used within 30 days (4 weeks) of first booking. Perfect for people who are serious about expanding their skills.

$90 Bi-Weekly Special - 3 Standard Bi-Weekly (on-line) 45 minute lessons, must be used within 35 days (5 weeks) of first booking. This is also great for kids, or those on a budget but still want keep on track with regular lessons.

I accept appointments from 12:30 PM to 9:00 PM based on availability. No lessons on Sundays. 

  • Step one: Book on-line (this does NOT take the payment.)
  • Step two: I'll contact you after the booking with your payment options. Venmo, Credit Card, or PayPal.
  • Step three: Once payment is accepted I'll send you the Zoom link and other info. Or my address if in person.
  • Step four: Click the Zoom link on the date and time of your booking or show up if in person.

What to expect at a lesson

I will begin with a brief discussion about any prior vocal training you may have had (if any,) your vocal goals, and any additional questions. Then we will do some basic warm up exercises. I will teach you basic vocal anatomy and terminology and include audio or visual examples when needed.

Come with a song you already know, perhaps one you struggle with. You can sing without music, or with a karaoke version, or if you play an instrument, you can accompany yourself. After you sing a song, we'll talk about what is working and what could be improved.  Then I'll create some Vocal Isolation Exercises just for your voice to help break any bad habits that are keeping you from the ease of singing and at the same time infusing new healthy habits. You will be making some really odd silly noises. Trust me, it is all part of the process. And it's fun! Then we will apply these new techniques back into your songs.

You are welcome to record the lesson to have something to practice to and to look back on and totrack your progress. The lesson depends entirely on your goals and needs. By the end of the lesson, you will hear and feel a big difference. I promise! It will be fun!

Singing Lessons Held On-line

Shelter-in-Place? Need to sing? I prefer to use Zoom free software for your  smartphone, tablet, or a computer that allows us to see and hear each other on the screen. You can sing a capella, with backing tracks, or accompany yourself. 

If you live out of the area, have a busy schedule, or a disability that keeps you from being able to come to my studio, this is perfect for you. No travel time or traffic. No need to find a babysitter. Maybe you can finally get your spouse to take lessons with you. I have a student who has voice lessons on her lunch break. People keep telling me they sing better in the car!

A few times a year I do an on-line group Singing Class. Contact me for details.

Professional Vocal Evaluation $75

If you are an experienced singer and would like a vocal evaluation, provide me with a live video recording (or a link) and I will write up a detailed professional vocal evaluation for you: what is going well, and what you can do to improve based on what I see and hear.


  • Breath Management/ Projection
  • Control of Larynx
  • Register shifts
  • Compression
  • Filtering and Resonance
  • Tongue, Jaw, or Embouchure Cheating
  • Physical Body/Stage Presence
  • Soul/Interpretation
  • Musicianship/Style

Gift Certificates

Know someone who loves to sing? Give them a unique gift of a professional voice lesson!

Contact me for more information.

How do I pay for my lesson?

You can pay for your lessons via Venmo (preferred) or cash in person. Or via link below. Square does charge a small transaction fee.