Private Singing Lessons In Person or via Zoom

Common confusion: Booking the lesson and paying for it requires two separate steps. The calendar does not take your payment. It is only a booking system. 

à La Carte Lessons

  • Standard Lesson - 45 minutes. - $58 in person or $47 via Zoom
  • Extended Lesson - 60 minutes $65 in person or $52 via Zoom
  • Mini Lesson- 30 minutes - No in person option - $36 via Zoom

In person lessons are held in my small studio at my home now that we have a vaccine, yay! On-line lessons get about a 20% discount per lesson. Zoom in and $ave the drive!

New Student Special - Zoom On-Line Lessons 

$150 Weekly Special - Four Standard 45 minute Lessons - (on-line) 45 minute lessons, one per week. ($188 value)

*You must have a lesson each week for the discount packages.  No roll overs for unused lessons.

Open M-Sat 12:15-9 pm based on availability. No lessons on Sundays. 

48 hour (2 days)notice required to reschedule. If you are late or if you don't show up, you still pay for the full time as if you were there.

  • Step 1: Book on-line (this does NOT take the payment.)
  • Step 2: I'll contact you after the booking with your payment options. Venmo, Credit Card, or PayPal.
  • Step 3: Once payment is accepted I'll send you the Zoom link and other info. Or my address if in person.
  • Step 4: Click the Zoom link on the date and time of your booking or show up if in person.

What to expect at a lesson

At your first lesson, I will begin with a brief discussion about any prior vocal training you may have had (if any,) your vocal goals, and any additional questions. Then I will do a simple vocal evaluation via specific exercises and teach you basic vocal anatomy and terminology with audio or visual examples when needed.

Next, I will have you sing part of a song you already know, see what is working and give you some out of the box instruction. Be forewarned, you will be making some silly ugly noises that sound nothing like singing. Trust me, it is all part of the process. And it's a lot more effective than hours of boring classical scales. 

Follow up lessons depend entirely on your goals and needs. I rarely do any type of scales exercises or warmups during the lesson unless I think it will help you. We mostly work on songs, make weird noises, and laugh a lot. You will be surprised on what fast results you will get with my unusual approach. By the end of each lesson, you will hear and feel a difference. And in just a few weeks, you will be surprised by the amount of improvement.  I promise!  It will be fun!

Come with a song you already know, perhaps one you struggle with. You can sing without music, or with a karaoke version, or if you play an instrument you can accompany yourself. You can record the lesson to have something to practice with and track your progress. 

Singing Lessons Held On-line

Unlike in person lessons where I need to allow 15 minutes between students for parking, traffic, or coming and going at the door-with Zoom there is barely any down time since you are just a click away.  I pass that non-wasted time back to you as a 20% discount for choosing a Zoom lesson. Easier on me, cheaper for you!

No travel time or traffic. You can be in any time zone. No need to find a babysitter. Maybe you can finally get your spouse to take lessons with you. 

 I also do on-line group Singing Classes. Contact me for details.

Professional Vocal Evaluation

If you would like a vocal evaluation, provide me with a live video recording (or a link) and I will spend 30 minutes doing a professional vocal evaluation for you: what is going well, and what you can do to improve based on what I see and hear. Cost is the same as a Standard On-line Lesson. I'll send you a video review. 


  • Breath Management/Over-pushing or Lack of Air Flow
  • Pitch/Intonation
  • Diction/Pronunciation/Phrasing
  • Larynx Stability or Instability
  • Register Shifts/Control/Range
  • Over-compressing/Squeezing or Lack of Compression/Cord Closure
  • Resonance/Projection
  • Tongue, Jaw, Throat or Mouth Tension
  • Physical Body/Stage Presence
  • Soul/Interpretation/Authenticity
  • Stylistic Elements/Runs/Rasp/Onsets/Offsets

Gift Certificates

Know someone who loves to sing? Give them a unique gift of a professional voice lesson!

Contact me for more information.

How do I pay for my lesson?

You can pay for your lessons via Venmo (preferred) or cash in person. Or via link below. Square does charge a small transaction fee.

What should you look for in a singing teacher?

I often have people ask me to sing something to see if I'm a good teacher. I have no problem doing that but....would you take your car to be fixed by an accomplished race car driver? Or would you rather have a great mechanic that keeps you running your best.

A good singing teacher is someone who is nurturing but not patronizing, and will tell you the truth without discouraging you. The goal is to help you sound the way you want, not the way they want, get positive results with clear instruction, and of course, feels joy in your success. Most of all they should provide a safe, fun place to create and grow.

Yeah, my Bitmogi looks exactly like me. HA!