I named my style of teaching ZingliZh because the main element of how I help you improve and build your voice is based on English phonetics. A singing language! Fast results happen because of clear instruction based on anatomy. Easy because I'm having you do something  you already know how to do, but in a new way.

Example? Instead of saying something vague like "bring the sound forward" or something confusing like  "drop your soft pallet" I'll simply tell you to add a little bit of an N sound. I may have you modify the way you pronounce a word to make it easier to hit a high note by bringing the vocal folds closer together, perhaps by making a P sound more like a B. Oh so fun and easy to implement!

And I will create exercises specifically tailored to work the exact co-ordination you need. This will be a scale pattern with an odd sounding word that will create the result without you having to try to make it happen. The exercise is designed to make it happen for you. It's like having a personal trainer for your voice, someone who knows the exact amount of weight and reps you need to build strength and flexibility.

How to pronounce it?  Like Zinglish only with a ZH (sounds like the S in measure.)