My Training / Certification / Education / Experience

I am Certified Voice Technician, which means I know how the voice works on a mechanical level. In 2016, I completed an intensive training course on vocal exercise design (based on vocal anatomy) at one of the largest music schools in Manhattan: New York Vocal Coaching. Also, I was the first US teacher to attend an Advanced Voice Teacher Training Retreat from The Vocal Process in the UK in 2019. And in 2020, a recent alumna of Boston's Berklee College of Music's On-line Certification program.

I graduated with an AA degree in music/vocal in 1991 from Mendocino College, where I also tutored beginning piano and music theory students. I moved to Sonoma County in 1992 and began studying at Santa Rosa Junior College: songwriting, contemporary composition in Jazz, Rock and Pop, video production, multimedia and theatre arts. I spent 13 years being part of the teaching team for an adult education singing class at SRJC. I also taught songwriting at a middle school in Rohnert Park, and Musical Theatre in Santa Rosa. 

The more I know, the more I can help you! I continue to study with various specialists and take courses in specific genres by teachers from all over the world. My goal is to keep up with the latest information by continuing my education on a daily basis.

I often have people ask to hear me sing before taking a lesson, a common thought is that a great singer should be a great teacher. But if you think about it, a race car driver might not be the best mechanic for your car. I am an accomplish singer and a songwriter, but honestly, education is my passion: both as a teacher and as a student.

This is a Voice book signed by Gillianne and Jeremy at the Advanced Teacher Training Retreat in The UK. I was their first US attendee!

My teaching experience also includes: Song Composition-- Cotati/Rohnert Park School District, and  Musical Theatre-- Bellevue School District. And I was featured in the 2016 March issue of Sonoma Family Magazine in an article "Music Matters" for my unconventional teaching style. (See Article.)

I am honored to be is listed as a referral with the University of San Francisco's Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic  for helping people with Parkinson's Disease improve their speaking voices.

"You are doing a stunning job dear Tamis. Your attention to even the tiniest details is really one of your many talents, and it greatly contributes to the success in your singing and teaching career. So so proud of you."

~Justin Stoney, founder of New York Vocal Coaching  3-27-17

         Tamis at 4 years old