Besides being a certified singing instructor, I also own a wig shop  and rent out costume accessories and fun vintage clothing pieces. So much fun! Singing students will rent wigs or costume accessories if they have a performance. I am also an accomplished  videographer and will film the students' performance, and rehearsals. And sometimes we'll make a silly music video!

I was part of the teaching team for the Joy of Singing classes, a beginning singing performance class that was heldat the college through community education. I have included a few songs below where students "dress it up."

Here are some of my adult students performing Big Spender for the Joy of Singing Class recital.

How fun is this! I think she used half the items in my living room as staging.

How cute are they! These ladies were learning harmony, and being characters made it even more fun for the audience.

Dealing with stage fright? This beginning student used a costume and wig to give her more confidence on stage.

Bellevue Chorus made their own outfits, learned a song, and made this cute video all in just 6 sessions.

Fun Halloween video from my kids class. We wrote the song lyrics and had a great time filming this!My Candy's NOT Your Candy!

And how silly are these ladies! Sometimes singing pretty isn't what you want. The voice has to be appropriate for the style..or lack of style! HA!

Here is a snip from a "reality" TV show that was on TLC  in 2012 about me wearing wigs to my singing classes to make it fun.

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