Private Voice Lessons, Singing & Songwriting Classes

My name is Tamis. 

I'm a Certified Voice Technician, Contemporary Vocal Coach, a Singer and a Songwriter with 20+ years experience. I teach a variety of modern and old school contemporary styles: Pop, Rock, Metal, RnB, Jazz, Folk, Americana, Country, Musical Theatre, and Songwriting.

What makes me different than other singing teachers?

Most educated voice teachers are classical leaning, wanting the student to always sound "pretty" leaving out the textures, power and raspy sounds used by commercial pro-singers for fear it is somehow damaging. Not true if done correctly. I can teach you how.

I am out of the box and get results. My lessons are fun, and you'll be making all kinds of quirky noises. So be prepared to laugh a lot while you are replacing the limitation of old habits. My coaching is based on anatomy, acoustics and phonetics. I can help anyone (yes, even you) sing better quicker without hours of classical sounding scale runs.

Did you know that your singing voice is a choice?

Were they just born with it? And are you "stuck" with the voice you have.  Here's a 9 minute introductory video taken from my Back to Basics Singing Class.

For Beginning Students:

  • Pitch - Intonation - Rhythm 
  • Control of Registers - Increase Range
  • Projection - Resonance - Breathing
  • Releasing Tension - Overcoming Stage Fright - Body Language

For More Advanced Students:

  • Songwriting - Lyrics
  • Stage Performance Skills
  • Stylizing - Riffs - Improvisation - Harmony - Interpretation
  • Timbre & Tonal Coloring - Rasp - Belting

More about my training can be found under My Training, and My Bio has more about me personally. The FAQ page will tell you what to expect in a lesson. The Private Lessons page is more information about singing lessons and how to book one. 

If you want to experience what I can do to help your singing feel easier and more authentic, come work with me – I’d love to help you discover more about your voice and performing. 

Variety of Group Classes Offered 

  • Back to Basics Introductory Class
  • Singing Skills for Nonclassical Adult Singers
  • I Wish I Could Sing Better-Beginner's Class
  • Karaoke Singing Skills Class
  • Singing Interpretation for Originals and Covers
  • Learn to Sing Harmony by Ear
  • How to add Rasp/Grit safely the right way
  • How to Hit High Notes Without Straining
  • WebCam Open Mic Master Class
  • Songwriting for Singers - Interactive Workshop 
  • Songwriting Skills - Tricks and Tips
  • Recording Studio Class - Make a Two Song Demo
  • Singing with a Live Rock Band: Advanced Performance Class
  • Rock Style Singing Class
  • On-Site Singing Lessons for your band, group, or choir
  • Singing Instructor for Compass Charter Schools.


You Wish You Could Sing Better - Introductory Class $98

On-line Singing Skills for the contemporary adult singer - Rock, Country, Folk, Americana, etc.

90 minute class focused on soloist singing, styles you might hear on the radio, old school to now. Perfect for singer/songwriters or karaoke stars. Beginners, experienced singers and everything in between! A few volunteers can have a mini-one-on-one lesson during the class time. Adults over 18 please. Limited to 15 students.

Coming Spring 2022 TBA

Professionals, Beginners, Adults, Teens, Seniors

Standard Lesson - 45 minutes:
$58 in person 
$47 via Zoom
Extended Lesson - 60 minutes:
$65 in person 
$52 via Zoom
Mini Lesson - 30 Minutes:
No in person option
$36 via Zoom

New Student Special Package:

$150 -Four Standard 45 minute Weekly Lessons - on-line via Zoom. ($188 value) 

Four lessons, one each week.   

Online Songwriting Circle for Beginners (mostly) - Singer/Songwriter Styles 

Learn songwriting tools pros use with fun and helpful exercises including: song forms, rhythm, rhyme, brainstorming ideas, putting lyrics to a melody, how to write for a singer, how to sing your own songs with expression, and the importance of natural sounding speech. Song sharing is voluntary, but helpful to get real time feedback on something you are working on. Next one Wednesday  February 9th 4:30 PDT

Second Weds of the month, reoccurring, 4:30-6:00 pm PDT ($5-$17 Donation)

Limited to 6 students submitting songs. Plus an additional 25 students wanting to sit in and observe.


Rock Style Singing Class $98 FULL

If you love singing those Karaoke rock songs but sound too "pretty" this is the class for you. An introductory class for people who have never sung rock but want to give it a try. We'll go over how to hit those screaming belty notes (that aren't really a belt or a scream.) And touch upon what rasp is and how to do that sound without damaging your voice.

Enrolled students  can have a mini-one-on-one lesson during the class time. Adults over 18 please. Unlike my other classes, everyone will be learning the same song and adding new skills each week.

Limited to 8 students.

Saturday, January 15th - February 19th 2022, NOON-1:30 pm PST 


Sing Originals Class / Songwriting Skills Class

Feb 3 – Mar 10, 2022  $180 - 6 weeks (the class will be recorded if you miss.)

Thursdays 12:00 – 1:30 pm PST Songwriting Skills early bonus

Thursdays 1:45-2:45ish PST  Sing Originals Class

We will work on singing your originals to see if the music and lyrics flow, and how it all works with your voice, how to use natural speak to create meaningful melodies. It's a game changer for your songwriting. You will write lyrics in a whole new way.

Bonus: When you sign up for the Singing Originals class, show up early on the same day and sit in as a guest in my Songwriting Lyrics and Melody Class ($180 value so it's like a buy one get one free.) That class starts at Noon PST and is right before your class.

Limited to 8 students.


Group singing classes and voice lessons in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, near Cotati, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.
Thanks you Jacob Blackstock and Bitmogi for these wonderful illustrations!