Private Voice Lessons, Singing & Song Writing Classes

My name is Tamis. I'm a Certified Voice Technician, Contemporary Vocal Coach and a Singer/Songwriter. My goal is to train and educate contemporary singers. I teach a variety of styles: Pop, Rock, Metal, RnB, Jazz, Folk, Country, Musical Theatre.

What makes me different than other singing teachers?

Most educated  voice teachers are classical leaning, wanting the student to always sound "pretty" leaving out the textures and power you hear in today's music for fear it is somehow damaging. Not true if done correctly. I can teach you how.

One student refers to me as her "voice magician." One tells me I am his "voice mechanic."  Why?  Because my coaching is  based on anatomy, physics and phonetics. I can help anyone learn to sing better, add style, strength and range to any voice without hours of classical sounding scale runs. My lessons are "easy on the voice, hard on the brain." By unlearning old bad habits, you'll begin to realize the full potential of your vocal anatomy.

I created something called: ZingliZh, It's not a "method" as I feel methods are too "one size fits all" like a fad diet. I'm more interested in the individual, and ZingliZh is my Mary Poppin's bag where I pull out seemingly endless things to improve your singing.  And it's fun! 

What should you look for in a singing teacher?

When looking for a singing teacher, look for someone who can serve your needs. Someone open to hearing your ideas. Someone who is a voice technician, not just a vocal coach. Someone who can work with your voice in a way you understand and gets quick and long lasting results with clear instruction instead of just telling you to "not do that" or just "do it better" or "get louder." Someone who is nurturing but not patronizing. Someone who is honest and will tell you the truth without discouraging you. Someone who continues to learn. Someone who feels joy in your success.

Do not look for just a great singer, as they may not understand what it's like to struggle, or have had the education in how the voice actually works. You wouldn't take your car to be fixed by a race car driver. Go to a great mechanic!

Private Singing Lessons

Professionals, Beginners, Adults, Teens, Children, Seniors

$55 a full hour lesson
$40 half hour mini-lesson

For Beginning Students:

  • Pitch - Intonation -Rhythm - Interpretation - Body Language
  • Overcoming stage fright - Increase range
  • Projection - Resonance - Breathing  -Releasing Tension

For More Advanced Students:

  • Songwriting - Lyrics
  • Stage Performance Skills
  • Stylizing - Riffs - Improvisation - Harmony
  • Timber & Tonal Coloring - Rasp - Belting
  • Larynx Positions
  • Resonance Adjustment
  • Control of Registers
  • Advanced Vocal Techniques

I am a singer/songwriter/teacher. Education is my passion. 

More about my training can be found under My Training, and My Bio has more about me personally. The FAQ page will tell you what to expect in a lesson. I provide a safe, fun place to create and grow.

Variety of Group Classes Offered 

  • Back to Basics: Small group environment for beginners focused on Voice Lessons: all styles of music
  • Singing with Guitar: Beginning/Intermediate Performance Class, Folk, Country, Rock, Group Songs & Solos
  • Musical Theatre: Beginning/Intermediate Performance Class put on a mini-musical: costuming, props, staging
  • Singing with a Live Rock Band: Advanced Performance Class, learn rock style singing, rasp included.
  • Songwriting Workshop: Lyrics, rhythm, melody, chord structure. Interactive on-line weekly Webinar.
  • Learn to Sing Harmony by Ear
  • How to add Rasp/Grit safely the right way
  • Intro to Opera Singing Technique
  • Christmas Holiday Season Class
  • On-Site Singing Lessons for your band, group, or choir: I travel to your rehearsal space during a practice and coach areas of your songs that vocally need help. Two hour minimum plus travel time. Contact me.
  • Singing Instructor for Compass Charter Schools.

MARCH SPECIAL $150 for 4 lessons

One-on-one private on-line lessons only, meaning we will do the lessons virtually via Skype or Zoom, not in person. All four lessons must be held four weeks in a row. Must be paid in advance. 1st lesson day and time may be booked via link.

If you want something fun and different. If you are ready to take the first step to letting go of doubts and fears and allowing yourself to become the singer you have always wanted to be. If you want to sing with ease and expression but don't want to sound like a classical singer, I'd love to have you as a student. Come sing with us.

Starting in January 2020

February 2020

Coming in Spring 2020

Coming in Summer 2020

My goal for my group classes is to create a community of like-minded contemporary singers in Marin and Sonoma Counties, who are supportive and will encourage each other, who love to share the gift of song, and who want to continue to grow as vocalists. I also offer one-on-one private lessons. 

January 2020

Coming in Spring 2020

Coming in Summer2020

If you want to experience what I can do to help your singing feel easier and more authentic, come and work with me in person or online – I’d love to help you discover more about your voice and performing. New student special is only $35!

Group singing classes and voice lessons in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, near Cotati, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.
Thanks you Jacob Blackstock and Bitmogi for these wonderful illustrations!