Private Voice Lessons, Singing & Songwriting Classes

My name is Tamis. 

I'm a Certified Voice Technician, Contemporary Vocal Coach, a Singer and a Songwriter. I teach a variety of contemporary styles: Pop, Rock, Metal, RnB, Jazz, Folk, Americana, Country, Musical Theatre, and Songwriting.

What makes me different than other singing teachers?

Most educated  voice teachers are classical leaning, wanting the student to always sound "pretty" leaving out the textures and power you hear in today's music for fear it is somehow damaging. Not true if done correctly. I can teach you how.

My coaching is based on anatomy, physics and phonetics. I can help anyone learn to sing better, add style, texture,strength and range to any voice without hours of classical sounding scale runs.  By unlearning old bad habits and rethinking preconceived ideas about your voice, you'll begin to realize the full potential of your vocal anatomy.

Did you know that your singing voice is a choice?

Were they just born with it? Here's a 9 minute introductory video taken from my Back to Basics Singing Class.

Packages and Specials:

$150 Weekly Special - 4 Full Hour Weekly (on-line) one lesson per week.

$90 Bi-Weekly Special - 3 Standard Bi-Weekly (on-line) one lesson every other week. This is also great for kids, or those on a budget but still want keep on track with regular lessons.

For Beginning Students:

  • Pitch - Intonation - Rhythm 
  • Control of Registers - Increase Range
  • Projection - Resonance - Breathing
  • Releasing Tension - Overcoming Stage Fright - Body Language

For More Advanced Students:

  • Songwriting - Lyrics
  • Stage Performance Skills
  • Stylizing - Riffs - Improvisation - Harmony - Interpretation
  • Timbre & Tonal Coloring - Rasp - Belting

More about my training can be found under My Training, and My Bio has more about me personally. The FAQ page will tell you what to expect in a lesson. The Private Lessons page is more information about singing lessons and how to book one. 

If you want to experience what I can do to help your singing feel easier and more authentic, come and work with me in person or online – I’d love to help you discover more about your voice and performing. 

2020 Weekly WEBCAM- Voice Singing Master Class - DROP-IN

Tuesday Afternoons 4:15-6-1sh pm  PDT  Now through mid December.

It's like an open-mic style Master Class. Sing any style you want. I do some specific coaching. Then I open the floor to complements (not coaching) from the classmates. It's all levels. Everyone is there to learn and have a good time. It's a very supportive group. And you learn a lot from hearing other people.

Drop in $20. Venmo preferred. MORE INFO

Private Singing Lessons

Professionals, Beginners, Adults, Teens, Children, Seniors

  • $55 full hour lesson
  • $45 standard 45 min. lesson
  • $40 half hour mini-lesson

Variety of Group Classes Offered 

  • Back to Basics introductory class
  • Learn to Sing Harmony by Ear
  • How to add Rasp/Grit safely the right way
  • WebCam Open Mic Master Class
  • Songwriting Workshop Interactive Webinar
  • Recording Studio Class - Make a Two Song Demo
  • Musical Theatre Performance Class 
  • Singing with a Live Rock Band: Advanced Performance Class
  • Intro to Opera Singing Technique
  • On-Site Singing Lessons for your band, group, or choir
  • Singing Instructor for Compass Charter Schools.

What should you look for in a singing teacher?

Do not look for just a great singer as they may not understand what it's like to struggle, or have the education in how the voice actually works. You wouldn't take your car to be fixed by a race car driver. You'd go to a great mechanic.

A good singing teacher is someone who continues to learn, who is both a voice technician and a vocal coach. They are nurturing but not patronizing, and will tell you the truth without discouraging you. Their goal is to help you sound the way you want, not the way they want. A good singing teacher can work with your voice in a way you understand, can get positive results with clear instruction, and of course, feels joy in your success. And provide a safe, fun place to create and grow.

Yeah, my Bitmogi looks exactly like me. HA!

Songwriting for Singers $199 ea


Starting February 2021 Monday's 12:15-1:30 PM PDT 

Course attendance is flexible: students have option to attend live Zoom classes at scheduled class times or participate by viewing recorded video at another time.

For singers: Even if you have no intention of being a writer, it will add a new dimension to your singing. Coming at a song from a new perspective will help you deliver anyone's lyrics. You will look at songs in a whole new light.

For writers: I'll be focusing on how to write lyrics in a way that's easier on the vocalist and ways to help get your message across by using natural speech patterns. And of course many other songwriting tools.

Everyone loves to sing and has a something to say. Why not let the song be in your own words! Co-writing is encouraged.


NEW Coming in January 2021 Recording a Demo Class

Zoom class being held at a professional recording studio in northern California to learn about the process of recording a demo. OR be one of the four singers actually cutting the two song demo. More info

Group singing classes and voice lessons in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, near Cotati, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.
Thanks you Jacob Blackstock and Bitmogi for these wonderful illustrations!