GroupSinging Classes & Lessons for the Contemporary Artist

Variety of Group Classes Offered 

Small group environment for beginners focused on Vocal Lessons: all styles of music

Beginning/Intermediate Performance Classes Singing with Guitar: Folk, Country, Rock, Group Songs & Solos

Beginning/Intermediate Performance Classes Musical Theatre Styles: costuming, props, staging

Safe - Fun - Comfortable - Nurturing

Specialty Classes

  • Introduction to Songwriting
  • Learning to Sing Harmony by Ear
  • How to add Rasp/Grit safely the right way

Private Singing Lessons

$45 a full hour lesson
$30 half hour mini-lesson
$30 per half hour Skype lessons
$75 Vocal Assessment & Evaluation
$30 full hour Discovery Pre-Class Lesson*

*Discovery Lesson is a for new students enrolled in a class who would like feedback and a private session prior to the first class meeting.

Professionals, Beginners, Adults, Teens, Children, Seniors

Contemporary Vocal Styles:

Pop / Rock / Metal/ RnB / Jazz / Folk / Country/ Musical Theatre

For Beginning Students:

Pitch - Intonation -Rhythm - Interpretation - Body Language
Overcoming stage fright - Increase range
Projection - Resonance - Breathing

For More Advanced Students:

Song Writing - Lyrics
Stage Performance Skills
Stylizing - Riffs - Improvisation - Harmony
Timber & Tonal Coloring - Rasp - Belting
Larynx Positions
Resonance Adjustment
Control of Registers
Advanced Vocal Techniques

At the college level they teach classical style, but I was more interested in contemporary music. So after achieving a college degree in music/vocal, my hunger for more education lead me to New York to study at the largest music school in Manhattan, New York Vocal Coaching, where I received my certification as a voice technician and a contemporary vocal coach.

Since the best teachers are the best students, I continue my education by attending on-line weekly brainstorming groups with singing teacher colleagues from around the world.

My goal for my local group classes is to create a community of like-minded contemporary singers in Marin and Sonoma Counties, who are supportive and will encourage each other, who love to share the gift of song, and who want to continue to grow as vocalists.

I have group classes for singers who just want to work on their voices, and I have performance classes for the lime light lovers. Currently, classes and private lessons are held in Rohnert Park, although I do offer lessons via Skype for those out of the area.

Voice Lesson classes are for someone who "just wants to be able to sing better" whether it be at karaoke, or with their guitar at a family gathering, or to have stamina singing in a local theater group or in a band, or just wants to learn how "not to hurt." Maybe it's dealing with stage fright.  I had one student who just wanted to not be embarrassed singing happy birthday at parties. And on the other end, I've had students who are making recordings and touring as professionals.

Performance classes like the Singing with Guitar, and the Musical Theatre classes, end with a showcase at a local venue in either Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sonoma, or Santa Rosa in front of a supportive audience of former students and friends: A perfect outlet for the non-professional who loves the stage! I encourage duets, group songs, and solo songs (need backup singers?) Let's get the whole class involved! All boats rise with the tide.

If you want something fun and different. If you are ready to take the first step to letting go of doubts and fears and allowing yourself to become the singer you have always wanted to be. If you want to sing with ease and expression but don't want to sound like a classical singer, I'd love to have you as a student. Come sing with us.

"When I read the description, I thought it would be ridged and structured, but it turned out to be really fun and I learned a lot!"  –Martha

"I really appreciate your style and the safe environment you create.” –Florentino

"You have changed my life. I left my career as a doctor and am now touring doing music full time" –Eki 

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"Just wanted to thank you for being an amazing teacher! You're so compatible to work along with and extremely skilled."  –Antony

"I love how you explain things, how it all works, instead of just telling us to do it. You have a real gift for teaching." –Audrey

Group singing classes and voice lessons in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, near Cotati, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.