Affordable Singing Lessons for the Contemporary Artist

Private or Small Groups

Affordable singing lessons $40 an hour
Or $25 half hour mini-lesson

Skype Lessons $30 per half hour
4 Week Beginner's Classes $99

Discounts available for returning students 

Adults, Teens, Children, Seniors

Groups - Individuals - Professionals - Beginners
Safe - Comfortable - Nurturing
Private or Group Vocal Instruction

Contemporary Vocal Styles:

Pop / Rock / Metal
RnB / Jazz / Folk / Country
Choral / Musical Theater

For Beginning Students:

Pitch - Rhythm - Interpretation - Body Language
Overcoming stage fright - Increase range
Projection - Resonance - Breathing

For More Advanced Students:

Song Writing - Lyrics
Stage Performance Skills
Stylizing - Riffs - Improvisation - Harmony
Timber & Tonal Coloring - Rasp - Belting
Larynx Positions
Resonance Adjustment
Control of Registers
Advanced Vocal Techniques

"When I read the description, I thought it would be ridged and structured, but it turned out to be really fun and I learned a lot!" –Martha

“I really appreciate your style and the safe environment you create.” –Florentino

"Just wanted to thank you for being an amazing teacher! You're so compatible to work along with and extremely skilled." –Antony

"I love how you explain things, how it all works, instead of just telling us to do it. You have a real gift for teaching." –Audrey

“You’re the first music teacher I’ve had that didn’t yell at me.” –Pam

“Your clear and practical approach was quite educational. You really helped me to have a better understanding of how the voice works.” –Joy

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Welcome to ZingliZh! Maybe it's stage fright. Or maybe you just want to sound better at Karaoke or feel comfortable singing Happy Birthday. Or maybe you sing in a band and your voice gets tired after a few songs. Do your high pitches sound thin, or does your voice crack?  Even if you feel you can't carry a tune, or are clueless about music, that's okay.

I am a certified voice technician as well as a contemporary vocal coach. Although I can teach you a classical style of singing, my passion is in teaching contemporary styles like folk, pop, rock, jazz, and musical theatre, as there is more freedom, style and texture with contemporary music. I teach based on how the body/vocal instrument works, dealing with the specific muscles you are using to sing. I will teach you some basic anatomy so you know what's going on in there!  AND make it EASY for you to sing. I can also help you prepare a song for performance,  

In my classes and in my private lessons, I design isolation exercises especially crafted for your individual instrument. These unique exercises are based on your needs at the moment: perhaps to break an old habit or to work specific muscles of your singing instrument to gain strengthen and flexibility.

Immediate results happen because I teach based how the body/vocal instrument works so singing can become EFFORTLESS!  All very fun stuff, and educational, too. You'll learn why I call it ZingliZh... And what's with the  shield and soup ladles?

Singing voice lessons in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, near Cotati, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.