Aliki Katriou- Distortion Specialist - Guest Teacher

Aliki Katriou on stage with Eight Lives Down

For my Rasp Workshop I have a colleague, Aliki Katriou, Skype in and lead the class. Beside being extremely knowledgeable and competent, she has a fun and quirky personality, a joy to work with.

Aliki is a classically trained soprano with a love for metal singing in all its varieties, especially distortions. She has been teaching voice to students from around the globe in many genres since 2013. 

Aliki is known as the vocalist in the critically acclaimed Greek metal project Desolate Plains, the lyricist and female voice for Tattered Pages - an international project hailing from Birmingham - and the lyricist and vocalist for her own band; Eight Lives Down.

As a graduate from one of the world's leading vocal studios, New York Vocal Coaching, Aliki continues on as a consultant by training their vocal coaches on vocal distortions, and is also the guest speaker Distortion Specialist at their Teacher Training courses.

She continues to study as an advanced voice teacher with world renowned authors Dr. Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of Vocal Process, and has been asked to do Master Classes on distortion at music schools in the US and the UK. She has also been a featured guest on All-Voice Media Podcast.

Aliki is currently working on a Vocal Distortion Training Video Series sponsored by Ob1 Theatre Company to be released in 2020.