Musical Theatre Class offered once per year

Let's put on a SHOW! No auditions needed. Just enroll and you're in! Everyone welcome. All skill levels. Our own community Theatre. The class will consist of lecture, staging, theatre terminology, and voice lessons focused on Musical Theatre style of singing and performing. To get the most out of this class, additional rehearsals outside of class may be needed. Showcase performance will be on a stage. Yay! The planned is Tuesday March 26th in the evening.

We will create a mini-musical based on students song choices. Bring any song from any musical and we will fit it all together with our own story line. It will be fun and quite unique! I will guide you as the director, but I want class participation in the creative process. You all have great ideas, so let's do this together as a group!  I do expect you will all be in touch with each other outside of class throughout the 10 weeks. It is best you commit to be at all the classes. If you miss, it will affect the rest of the group.

The BRAINSTORMING class will be January 22nd. You will introduce your songs, we'll figure out the key, etc., and we'll come up with a theme. This will give you time to work on your song/songs and collaborate with fellow students before official class starts. That way we can start rehearsals the first class prepared to go!

Note: Additional expenses may include private rehearsals if needed by arrangement, costuming, props, and splitting the cost of the venue rental. We'll do our best to keep extra costs to a minimum and ask our guests for a small donation at the door to help cover our expenses.

TUESDAY EVENING: 6:45-9:00 PM -- (4 seats left) 

  • January 22nd  - Brainstorm Class
  • March 26th SHOWCASE (day could change)

Pictures From Past Performances

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