Devised by Kate Drewski. Directed by Tamis Baron

Including 14 songs from various Broadway Showspacked together into one brand new Mini-Musical


  • Peter Vorrises as Hamilton Hines, a Broadway producer
  • Janice Hardy as his daughter Becky Brown
  • Nancy Packard as Samantha Singer, a Director and his forlorn fiance

Featuring an All-Star Supporting Cast

  • Anne Picchi as Annie Peacock, security guard at Bobblehead Theatre
  • Audrey Hargens as Gretta Baumeister, Set Designer
  • Janice Langan as Elizabeth Cantando, Music Director
  • Julie Paille as Bette Cheveu, Hair/Make-up Artist
  • Kate Drewieske as Anna Wilkinson, Leading Lady
  • Margarita Valera-Arceo as Eva Saint Laurent, Wardrobe Mistress

Purchase tickets to the show:

ON WITH THE SHOW    $3.00 pre-sale

TUESDAY APRIL 23rd - 7:30 PM

1001 Cherry Street, Petaluma CA


Kate Drewieske (Anna) &  Peter Vorrises (Hamilton Hines)